If You Had $1-million, You Could Buy a One-Bedroom Condo in Toronto

Sunday Dec 13th, 2015


You Could Buy a One-Bedroom Condo in Toronto

It's not llamas, emus or even a whole house. Unlike the classic Barenaked Ladies song, If I Had A Million Dollars, that kind of money will net you a mere one-bedroom condo in Toronto.

However, at the very top of the pricy condo market, just six of the city's 10 most expensive units cost more than $1-million.

Practically a bargain!

We have compiled a list of the 10 most expensive one-bedroom condos in the city. Most of them are in the downtown core, spread among Yorkville, The Annex, and the Bay Street corridor. 

Take a look around - are they worth it? Or would you spend your money on the fanciest ketchups?

On a side-note, it's interesting to observe that 3 of the top 7 most expensive one-bedroom suites are in Yorkville's The Four Seasons, 6 of 10 are in Yorkville, and 7 of 10 are in luxurious hotel/condos.

Number 10: The Prince Arthur/326 Carlaw

There are two one-bedroom condos tied for the number 10 spot, with a price tag of $849,000. Each, not combined.

One unit, at 38 Avenue Rd., comes with access to a gym, sauna and party room, while the unit itself has a walk-in bathroom and nine-foot ceilings.

Unit 304 at 38 Avenue Road is on the market for $849,000.

Meanwhile, the apartment 124 at 326 Carlaw Ave. includes a private 270 SF rooftop terrace and 20-foot ceilings. Maintenance fees are $535.

Unit 124 at 326 Carlaw is on the market for $849,000.

Number 9: 133 Hazelton Avenue

This high-end new construction built by Sam Mizrahi at the corner of Hazelton and Davenport at Yorkville's most northern tip comes with an $849,999 price tage. The suite comes with access to the building's guest suites, exercise room and media room.

Unit 307 at 133 Hazelton is on the market for $849,999.

Number 8: The Shangri-La

We're quickly nearing the one-million mark but we're not there yet. This 800 SF unit at the Shangri-La comes with limousine services and a private elevator. Unit 5605 at 180 University Ave. is on the market for $988,000.

Unit 5605 at 180 University Ave. is on the market for $988,000.

Number 7: The Four Seasons

A $998,000 condo at the Four Seasons in Yorkville comes with access to all the hotel's amenities, like valet parking, room service and the indoor pool and health spa. Unit 1102 at 55 Sollard St. also includes 10-foot ceilings and a $849/month maintenance fee.

Unit 1102 at 55 Scollard is on the market for $998,000.

Number 6: The Ritz-Carlton

The first of six properties listed at over $1-million is this unit at the Ritz Carlton. The one-bedroom condo at 183 Wellington St. is listed at $1.08-million and is "just shy" of 1,400 SF. It boasts 10-foot ceilings and painter's tape on the floor.

Unit 3403 at 183 Wellington St. is listed for $1,080,000.

Number 5: Trump Tower

Finally, the Trump Tower makes an appearance. Unit 2302 at 325 Bay St. is listed at $1.08-million and comes with two bathrooms, an electric fireplace and access to the hotel's salt water pool. There's no images of the unit online, just a floor plan and photos of the building's exterior. It's clear this unit is for those looking for a name.

Unit 2302 at 325 Bay St. is listed for $1,080,000.

Number 4: 326 Carlaw

This unit is in the same building as No.10 but comes with a much higher price tag of $1.129-million due to its massive space. Unit 127 is a whopping 2,300 SF. It includes soaring ceilings, a private rooftop garden, and the opportunity to tell your friends you live in a converted warehouse. Parking is not included.

Unit 127 at 326 Carlaw Ave. is listed for $1,129,000.

Number 3: The Four Seasons

Dipping further into your bank account, unit 1103 at 55 Scollard is listed at $1.378-million and is 1,100 SF. It includes 10-foot ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, and access to all the amenities at the Four Seasons.

Unit 1103 at 55 Scollard St. is listed for $1,378,000.

Number 2: The Four Seasons

The third and last appearance for the Four Seasons on this list is unit 406 at 55 Scollard St. The condo is approximately 950 SF and includes floor to ceiling windows, access to the hotel's spa and pool and the option of buying the Art Shoppe furniture inside. All for $1.399-million.

Unit 406 at 55 Scollard St. is listed for $1,399,000.

Number 1: The Windsor Arms

The granddaddy of them all is this $3.98-million pad at the Windsor Arms. There's a massive jump in price - more than $2.5-million - between the No.1 and No.2 condos on this list. The 2,840 SF unit is one of just 24 suites in the building (exclusivity has a price). It comes with limestone floors, oak-paneled walls, a covered terrace, and full access to the hotel's amenities. The maintenance fee is $2766.56.

This suite at the Windsor Arms is on the market for $3.98-million.

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