Oasis Eco-Resort Could Be The Greenest Getaway on Earth

Friday Mar 11th, 2016


Located in the heart of the UAE Desert

Going on vacation usually isn't the most environmentally conscious thing you can do. 

Just think: A Boeing 727 airliner burns 5,000 pounds of fuel in an hour, while cruise ships spew a billion gallons of sewage into the world's oceans. The former only gets you where you're going, and the latter turns the ocean into a toilet. 

Feeling the pang of traveller's guilt? Baharash Architecture might have the answer. The London-based firm has released its plans for Oasis Eco Resort, a sustainable retreat that's set to sprout among the dunes of the United Arab Emirates.

If it opens according to schedule in 2020, it could offer the greenest getaway of its kind, anywhere, the perfect way to atone for the gant carbon footprint of travel - and in opulant style. 

The $21-million star shaped vacation spot will use wind, water, sun and soil in its day-to-day operations. 

Some 157,000 square feet of solar panels will top the low-rise compound, meeting all energy demands, according to the firm, and a deep well will be tapped for water. 

Baharash Architecture's design also sees the natural spring at the centre of the resort being used not just for recreation, but for fish farming, crop irrigation and wildlife protect. 

Oasis Eco Resort's restobar will take advantage of some of those uses for its menu. It will serve up dishes made with organic ingredients grown on the property. 

Restobar plans also include retractable glass windows that can be opened in the evening, creating a sheltered patio that captures the cool desert breeze. All 84 suites look out onto the central spring, as does the fitness centre and business centre, and floor-to-ceiling windows are virtually everywhere. 

And in case you're wondering, yes, there is also a plan to deal with the waste water the resort produces. It will be treated and used for irrigation - a vast improvement on the cruise ship dumping model. 

Click any one of the pictures above to view the video of Baharash Architecture's revolutionary eco-resort in Liwa, UAE.

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